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Guest Tt Josh

[CLOSED] Wallpaper Design Competition

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Guest Tt Josh





Wanted to show the artistry side of you besides gaming? Now, you can show us what Tt eSPORTS represents to you by creating ONE awesome wallpaper and have a chance to be featured on both Tt eSPORTS official website and Tt eSPORTS Facebook page! Show us your creativity and the person with the best wallpaper will be awarded from Tt eSPORTS and AVEXIR!




Step 1

Play with your imagination and use your creative skills to produce a wallpaper background that:


•      Expresses to what Tt eSPORTS represents, and what Tt eSPORTS means to you.


Step 2

Submit your masterpiece by posting it on our “Tt Community Forum". Remember the following requirements:


•   The image requirements are as follows:

    Format —JPEG or PNG;

    Resolution — between 800x600 and 1024x768 pixels;

    Size — up to 700 KB


•   The wallpaper must be designed entirely for this contest


•   Entries will be judged on creativity, quality, etc


•   Post your wallpaper on this thread!


•   Tt eSPORTS gains exclusive rights to the competition image when you post it on the forum as outlined in the Event Terms of Service.


•   Remember 1 submission per person



Contest Period

2015/3/23 (Monday) – 2015/04/05 (Sunday)


Submission Period

Anytime within 2015/3/23 (Monday) – 2015/04/05 (Sunday)


Contest Ends, Time zone

2015/04/05, 23.59PM (PDT)



WINNER will be announced on 2015/04/08 (Wednesday) on:

  •      Tt Community Forum

•      Facebook Official Page


WALLPAPER will be featured on:

•      Tt eSPORTS Official Website

•      Tt eSPORTS Facebook page




•      1st PRIZE x 1 – VERTO Gaming Headset +AVEXIR Blitz 1.1 Memory


•      2ND PRIZE x 1 – BLACK V2 Gaming Mouse + Avexir Core Series (Orange) Memory


•      3RD PRIZE x 1 – DRACONEM Mouse Pad + Avexir Core Series (Orange) Memory



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Here's my entry 


Title: Precision in every sense of the word


Resolution: 1024x680 @ 659K 


Big version @1920x1080: http://bit.ly/1ETeTWb



Image Source for [Tt eSPORTS BLACK V2 Laser Gaming Mouse]: http://bit.ly/1EThb7E



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Guest Tt Josh

I have zero skills to participate. These are all great submissions.


Come on jtheater! Give it a try and the prize might be yours! ;)

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