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Tt eSPORTS Sponsorships & Partnerships

Guest Tt Josh

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Guest Tt Josh



Want to find a Sponsor for your e-SPORTS team?


Looking for the co-brand or e-SPORTS gaming gear partner for your company or event?


Contact us, Tt eSPORTS is not just a name, welcome to tell us about your ideas on partners or sponsorships If you:

‧ Have placed in top 3 positions in at least 3 live events over the past year
‧ Strongly believe that you have the drive and dedication to ascend the heights of professional eSports success
‧ Are already using Tt eSPORTS professional gaming peripherals competitively 

We do like to hear from you. Contact us right now! Join Tt eSPORTS team today.


Click HERE to submit your sponsorship & partnership request!

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Guest Tt Josh

I'd like to know if you cover sponsorship for modders outside of your own events

Hi, because we will need more information on what kind of sponsorship you need from us, therefore, we will need you to provide us a full information (mod that you've completed before, why should we provide the sponsorship...)


Once information collected, we will need to evaluate the application. :)

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Hi guys.

So here's my story...

I'm an aspiring streamer, still grinding...but this is not what i'm here for, even tho it will be related.

I'm building a custom desk for my pc and i'm trying to cut down some of the costs. The design is finished, i'm just waiting for the measurements and i'll get on with it. 

I already own 2 parts from you guys, the X71 case and one of your AIO water cooling so i was wondering if you can/want to sponsor this. I'll take anything, even some fans.

I don't know how your sponsorship contracts work ( if there is one ), but I do have a youtube channel which will have the build and my twitch channel will also have at least a panel with the desk and everyone who helped.

I'm more than happy to provide more info...and i can even show the design of the desk ( in private )

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