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Challenger Prime Macro Key Issue


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Hi all,

I just bought my Challenger Prime today. I was so excited to bring it home and try it out. Once i had all the software installed and everything setup, i wanted to assign some macro keys. I started going to the macro settings and clicked the side arrow next to T1. Then, i clicked assign macro and macro manager. When i want to macro manager i clicked new and i couldn't select a T key so i thought the macro select blank space was for a name. I read that you have to enter a name for your macro then hit new. But when i hit new nothing happened... It did stop the typing thing though. So i thought i could start recording. When i clicked start recording it said, "Please select a macro before start record!!" So i tricked clicking on the new macro select i just made but it was still outlined in white and when i pressed it, nothing happened except that it gave me the option to rename the macro (just the blinking thing came back). So i don't know what to do! Help please!!

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Guest Tt Josh

Mind sharing what you did? Never used keyboards with macros, and I need some help.

Hey Coffeechipmunk, did you install the software for Challenger Prime? You will need to software to program macros. ;)

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Challenger Prime Macro Manger not saving macro name after clicking "New"  and entering a name into field and clicking OK at bottom. 


I figured it out. You actually have to hit enter after naming macro so,  Macro Manager -> New-> Add Name -> Click "Enter"  -> Start record -> Type commands -> Stop record. 

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