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Poseidon Z driver for Mac OS X 10.10+


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Hi guys, please try the ZX driver I just composed.


Please note that this driver is untested since I don't have a ZX keyboard. And this driver is not the same as the Poseidon Z driver in my first post. This driver can only be used on Poseidon ZX. The driver in the first post can only be used on Poseidon Z. As I said, they are distinct products.


Driver download: http://cl.ly/2V351b281k39


Please follow the exact same guidance in the first post to install the driver. The only difference is the name of the driver. This driver has the name PoseidonZXUSBHIDDriver.kext.


If for any reason the driver fails and the system crashes (which is possible because the driver is not tested and the code runs in the kernel), please follow the 2nd post the recover.

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Thanks so much for making this.  I bought the keyboard thinking that it would work on the Mac and your driver saved me $$$!!  Thanks so much again.


I know this is early and perhaps presumptuous, but would you consider releasing a new driver for El Capitan in the future? 


Again, you're awesome!

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i cant open the kext ultility, it says "cant be opened because it is from an unidentified developer" help


Hi there, you may want to go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy after you see the message you mentioned.

There should be a button that says "Open Anyway"


Click that button and it should allow you to open KextUtility.

Good Luck!

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