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Guest Tt Josh

[Closed] Tt eSPORTS AERODYNAMIC Slogan Writing Giveaway

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Guest Tt Josh



Tt eSPORTS’ AERODYNAMIC Slogan Writing Giveaway!

All you have to do is just to create a SLOGAN with the word “AERODYNAMIC†and the 6 participants with the most creative slogans will be awarded with awesome prizes!


How to Join:

1) Register to our Tt Community Forum (Kindly inform us if your newly registered account is not being approved)

2) Post your SLOGAN under this topic!



- ONE Slogan per user

- Only SLOGANS that posted on Tt Community Forum counts

- SLOGANS will be judged on creativity

- Maximum 10 words per slogan


Contest Period:
2015/4/20 (Monday) – 2015/05/03 (Sunday) PDT
Submission Period:
Anytime within 2015/4/20 (Monday) – 2015/05/03 (Sunday) 
Contest Ends:
2015/05/03 (Sunday) , 23:59PM (PDT)
6 WINNERS Announcement:
2015/05/05 (Tuesday) 
• Tt Community Forum
• Facebook Official Page



[bEST SLOGAN] 1 x (Tt eSPORTS VENTUS X Gaming Mouse + Thermaltake Riing 14 LED Radiator Fan)

[2nd - 6th Place] 5 x (Tt eSPORTS VENTUS X Gaming Mouse + Thermaltake LUNA 12 LED Fan)




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Ergonomically Aerodynamic Engineering. . .
Gaming Gear taken to the Next Level!

Revision 1:

Ergonomically Engineered. . .
Aerodynamic takes it to the Next Level!

Revision 2:

Stay Cool. . .
Game Aerodynamic!

Edited to add revision 2 of my slogan submission, it's more catchy.
Also feel free to use any of the older ones ofcourse.

Edited by LiquidAtoR

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Is this for the Riing or the Ventus? It would be better though if we knew which specific product we are making a slogan for. That way, we can tailor the slogan to fit the product. Mine is abit broad and I'm not that confident about it. Just sayin. Peace!

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