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Level 10 Snow Edition Hot Swap bay issues.

Kyuui 1

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Hello all, I'm hoping you guys can help me track down a problem with my L10.  I've had the case for a while now but have had continual issues with my HD dropping out from windows  (7, 64)  Here is what I've done so far:

I removed the power array cable to see if that would help, it didn't.  

Replaced the sata cable three times, no luck.
Relocated, swapped trays, and even replaced the drive itself, still no joy.

  At this point I'm thinking its either the physical connector between the cable and the trays or  a heat issue. I'm not super technical with hooking up the fans to the MB so I'm not sure how or, if I can speed up, the front fan.  By chance can I order/replace the connectors from the tray to the arrays?  

I'd really be bummed if I have to replace the case as I had some fun and had it professionally pin striped!

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Welcome to the Tt Community and thanks for posting up your question!


Does the drive work when it is not in the case at all not using any of the trays from the case?


Take the drive out, plug in the SATA directly from the mobo to drive and the power from the PSU to drive, you still have the same issue?


The tray adapter is just a passthrough, should not be much of an issue, if we need to we can check into warranty to swap that part if needed.

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Hello again Mike!

 From my testing of the drives they work fine outside of the system.  I received brand new SATA cables yesterday and have put them in as well.  Currently the new drive has been performing well enough that I have put the power array cable back in place to see if it will have any effect on the drive.  Of course with the System open I'm not able to check heat issues.  I'm going to monitor it over the weekend and see how it does.  Now I'm off for the idiots guide for connecting fans to the Mother board. :blink: 


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Keep us posted on your testing, if there is a faulty part, we can look into warranty option for you, just call our USA support number.


I dont expect this to be heat related, it is not common from what I see, but let us know.


Good intake and exhaust is a must for everything :D

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Ok, I'm ready to declare a verdict here.  it was probably the Sata Cables.  The Wife and I both had new systems we made, so I was using the cables from the system build.  The latest cables were 3rd party and since installing them I've had no issues.  I'm glad to report it doesn't seem to have been the case since that would have been a bummer.  


On an unrelated but funny note.  You all may like to know that your upper fans on the L10 systems are strong enough that they will over heat a cat.  Mine has taken to sleeping up there when its a cooler day.

Only thing left for me to do, is figure out how to fix the handle gap on the front, but thats pure cosmetics.

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Hi, This is quite an old post but I seem to be having exactly the same issue as you.


I have swapped all the sata cables, re-seated the power connections but the hard drive randomly disappear from my system.  I usually have to shut down the pc, pull the drives out, push them back in and boot back up for them to be detected.


I believe it maybe the connection between the sata interface at the rear of the bay where the hard drive slots into.


I have a mixture of SSD's and standard 3.5 HDD's.


The release buttons work fine on the bays and they click into place when pushed in.


Are the hot swap interfaces a replacable part and can this be ordered?


Love the case but the problem is driving me mad!! :-(

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Well this is a very old topic but many of us still use and love this case. 2023 and I am one of those people. I have had the issues for years. I tried all the above and now after many years I can verify the problem IS the hotswap bracket I have removed the hot swap brackets from the case. Plugged them into the drawers then connected each one to external Sata to USB 3 adapters. The outcome? Well it works. Put the bracket back into case and the outcome? No drive showing. So the problem IS the bracket itself getting bent. If the hot swap brackets were made of solid steel similar to video cards this would not happen. Instead they are made with flimsy metal which bends/twists in the centre. Unscrew the bracket and take a look. It will not be straight. This is the problem. When you push in the drive tray the connector connects to the female on the bracket but after numerous times of doing this the metal bends enough for the connection not to made properly. It is like half plugging in a SATA cable. You can try straightening the bracket back up where the hot swap connector is which does work but for how long. I don't know. If the hot swap was made solid it would never happen..  A message to thermaltake. Please create this exact case without using plastic. Add usb 3.2 plus Usb C front headers and it will be another.masterpiece. Also add Argb fans. This case is by far the best case ever made. Don't make it extinct. Recreate it!

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