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All time games, PC and Console games. Top 10!

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Here is the list of all of those games that may take you back in the time … full of memories, lets share those good times!


Peche's All time PC Games top 10:

1.       Half-life 1: 1998. -- Both, campaign and multiplayer Death match

2.       blue shift 2001 -- Campaign

3.       Opposing forces - Death match or multiplayer

4.       Farcy 1

5.       Call of duty modern Warfare 1 / Call of duty Modern warfare 2

6.       Call of duty black ops 1

7.       Bio shock 1

8.       Counter Strike Series, mostly CS:GO

9.       18 wheels of steel series [still playin seldom :D ]

10.   PayDay

All time Top 10 Console games:

1.       Super mario world 3

2.       Super mario Kart 64 [N64]

3.       Agent 007 | Golden eye[N64]

4.       Tony hawk's pro skater 2 [PS1]

5.       killer instinct Gold [N64]

6.       Mario sunshine [NCameCube]

7.       twsited metal  [PS3]

8.       Mortal Kombat 9 [PS3]

9.       boogerman  {NES}

10.   luigi's mansion [NGameCube]



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Bro u worte cs go? xD ...hope it would be a mistake that u wrote it..coz may I remind u 1ce again..there no other cs version ever made who can compete with cs1.6...


Btw <3 Mario :P

Gotta recognize that all versions of CS area amzing, i like CSGO because of the different options for playing, deathmatch, casual, demolition, weapon course and competitive, unfortunetely its one of the most hacked game and also several bugs on maps can make it a nightmare sometimes, i decided to still on casual and some deatmatch rounds, also another fact that likes me a lot are cases and weapons drop outs, more steam money for future games or DLC's... im collecting and giivin some time to old operation cases, someday they will worth a couple of dollars more...!


Mario bros.... just amazing... but tell us your games, make a list, contribute and share..!

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