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Core X9 spare parts


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No one knows?


I'm planning on stacking 3 of the Core X9, but since I'm lacking 1 vented side panel and 4-5 brakets, so wont it look good.

I have been searching since I both this case at release, so its not because I have overlooked who sells them (unless they are really bad at marketing them self).


If I dont get a respons soon, so will I drop this project and go with Caselabs for my big build instead.

It will drive up the cost, but at least so wont I have a problem getting the parts I need.

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Hello Chiobe,

we have had some demand for the mentioned brackets but they are currently not available from our European branch office. We are looking for options but they'll require a bit of patience, I'm afraid.

Might want to tell the factory to produce more then, as they are more or less needed to do any kind of build without a lot of modding.

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