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Tt 5G Duet and Mac OS Yosemite

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"Thermaltake 5G Duet" keeps disconnecting on Mac OS X, with the latest Yosemite.

“Disk Not Ejected Properly†is usual message. It happens suddenly with no special reason.

I might copy something or do nothing at all. It may take 2 minutes, it may take 10 minutes till disconnection.

HDD are 3 Samsung drives from 2008. Working fine in the PC.

Drives ar NTFS,  and Mac OS Extended (Journaled)


I have tried:

- unchecking “put drives in sleep when possible†in Energy saving

- downloaded some wierd JMicron firmware update utility, which did nothing and is disabled on start, no matter do I add additional drives or leave enclosure empty.

- tried different drives in different combinations.

- read lots of forums on the internet about the problem, which is not unique for me, no help.


I am an IT professional, so your answer may get as technical as it needs to be.


Also, what similar product you would recommend, which worked on Mac OS, because I am about give up on this one?

Thank you.


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