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Tt eSPORTS Theron Plus Smart Mouse Overview/Review

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The Theron Plus Smart Mouse is one of the latest peripherals from Tt eSPoRTS and is designed to help gamers take their skill to the next level! The Theron Plus can track users mouse usage stats, create logs based on usage and even break down analysis by time all while being easily shared to your favourite Social Media account. 
The Theron Plus features an updated Avago sensor that sports BlueTooth 4.0 and has a DPI of up to 8200. There are 5 different zones that featured RGB LED's that are easily controlled by software that can be downloaded right from the Tt eSPORTS website. 
Alongside the RGB LED zones, there are also 8 customizable buttons that are also controlled via the downloaded software. You can even create up to 5 different profiles that can be changed using the button on the bottom of the mouse and are even stored on the mouse itself using its 128KB of onboard memory. 
For users look for more customization options, the Theron Plus has 5 removable 4.5g weights that are easily taken out of the mouse to allow users to cater the weight of the mouse to their liking. 
The Theron plus uses its BlueTooth 4.0 technology to send information statistics right to the users phone VIA and app that can be downloaded for both IOS and Android devices. Users will also be able to make use of the Tt ESPORTS Plus Community & Data Managment Platform to not only analyze their stats, but also share them with users around the world! Users will also be able to compete and challenge each other in mouse usage competitions via the Platform! 
** I have just got the photos done and am currently working on testing the mouse out and using the software and platforms designed for it. Once I feel I have a good knowledge of the mouse I will update this with the proper information!**

For now, enjoy some pics! 


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Thanks, have also shared them on my Facebook page ;) Just trying to share the love! First impressions are quite nice.. Had a go with the software on the phone and was fun to watch while I played Quake Live.. Only just wish the mouse connected to the phone a bit easier but still getting used to it all :) 

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