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Which keyboard and mouse to choose?


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Hello. I want to change my mouse and keyboard. Currently i have

Mouse: SteelSeries rival 300

Keyboard: Krom Kernel TKL

Basically the mouse i need it to play games like league of legends and FPS games (along with games like the witcher 3, AC odyssey, Metro Exodus, PUBG, etc). And that mouse has a weight system (which is perfect for me because light mouses aren't my type).
And the keyboard, since it has blue switches it will come in handy for programming.

But these devices are pretty dead

Advise me a replacement please




The bus swayed around another steep mountain turn, wheels jittering on the uneven pavement. With each breath, she could feel herself moving against him as the bus swayed, felt it press and slide just a bit as Ben slightly flexed his hips.

Soon, Ben started pulling back, his #### instinctively trying to find its way, until it was just barely teasing at her ####. As he slid against her body his #### flexed upward, as though begging to her to let him in.

Anne pressed her hand down on her lap, trying to coax his #### further down between her thighs where it had been when this first started to go wrong. She couldn't very well reach under her skirt without being more obvious. It was no good. She arched her back away from him and tried to slide toward his knees, prying at the arm that was wrapped around her waist.

But he was too large. Too strong. Too focused on the slide of his #### against her exposed #### as he sought more from her.

Ben ignored her efforts. Instead he drew his hips back further with each flex of his hips, teasing her entrance with each smooth slide. Meanwhile Ben's hand had moved away from her panties since with him firmly seated between her slick folds they no longer posed any obstacle. His fingers found her #### and circled it slowly, taking advantage of every bump and jostle of the old bus to rub fingers and #### against her. The pleasure from his fingers distracted her and made her mind fuzz around the edges.

The next pothole the bus careened into took them both by surprise, but Anne tried to take advantage of the back of the bus and the whoops and hollers of the other students to forcefully pull away from Ben. She almost got away but lost her balance as the bus jolted—and it was Ben's firm hold that steadied her.
His #### caught in the entrance, making her gasp as she felt his glans press inside of her for a moment. She angled her hips up, denying him a moment longer, letting his #### slide back along the entire outside of her ####. But he was insistent now, one big hand wrapped around her thigh to spread her just so as his other arm gentle rocked him against her body, exaggerating the movements of the vehicle. After a couple near misses, he slid forward and his #### caught again, just barely pushing into her. He wasn't quite angled right, and as he kept moving, it popped back out, flipping against her ####. They both grunted under their breaths.

But the next time the fat head of his glans squeezed into her opening. It was like nothing she'd ever felt before and she whimpered and squirmed from discomfort and unexpected pleasure. It didn't feel too bad with him just barely inside; she felt she could hold it just like that for hours just gently rocking in their shared juices.

But Ben had found his mark now and wasn't going to be satisfied with just the entrance of her virgin ####. He moved into her, his #### slowly and steadily sliding further and further in. Anne gasped and turned her head into the wall to hide the noise and expression as she bit her lip against a moan.

It hurt. She felt stretched painfully wide as he inched inside of her a short amount, pulled out partway, and then jabbing in again and again, gaining ground with every flex of his hips. He filled her, stretched her forcefully apart. She felt barely able to think, to move, to breath, every bit of her just seemed wrapped around his ####. She could feel the ridge of the glans of his ####, rubbing in places she had never touched herself.

And he wasn't even all the way inside her yet. She felt like it was impossible, that he was going to truly hurt her. He was too large.

"Stop," she whimpered under her breath. "It's too big."
He ignored her, continuing the shallow thrusts that could be disguised by the bouncing of the bus. His breathing was quick and hot against her neck. Then the back seat jolted again over another rough part of pavement and Ben thrust upwards, seating himself entirely inside of her. That really hurt as he touched places inside of her no one had ever been. Anne could feel his swollen glans pressed up tight against her cervix, pulsing and throbbing with need.

Ben rested there, his entire length inside her, his thighs flat against hers. The pain faded as her body adjusted. When Ben started flexing his hips again—drawing his #### out of her and thrusting it back in—her #### seemed to cling to his shaft, not wanting to let it go. Heat diffused her as she grew slicker.

Every time he touched her depths with a well-angled thrust her mind scattered. She could no longer think or even resist. It took all her concentration to not moan and cry out loud.

She tried to balance, but as he pressed in, gripping her hips to slide his shaft into her, she seemed to be almost floating against him. Finally, Anne gave up trying to escape and sagged against him, letting him take her without resistance.

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