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Tt Leo

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Initiated back in 2009, a result of two different industry joined and collaborated to come up with a work of art rather than a merchandise.

With Level 10's uniqueness and nontraditional design, we would like to invite all the owners or owners want to be to come share your thought, idea, pictures, rigs, builds with the rest of us. 



Level 10


- Design Collaboration by Thermaltake and BMW Group DesignworksUSA

- Asymmetrical Balance design
- Open Compartment Architecture (O.C.A.)
- Smart-lock Security System (S.S.S.)
- A Ergonomically Positioned and Integrated Handles
- Removable Hard Drive Cases for 3.5†and 2.5†HDD/SSD
- Dramatically lighting effect
- Exposed Vertical Heatsink
Level 10 
Level 10 Limited (300 crafts world wide)
Level 10 Titanium (500 crafts world wide)
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Guys, dont know 'bout you guys, but i needed a watercooler solution for my Level 10 case (original one, if anyone wonder). So i bought the amazing Corsair H45, small but powerful solution. I'm posting this to help someone who eventually try to do the same but does not know which aio watercooler to get. It fits perfectly, it looks like it was made to be put in there lol!



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