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[USA] Brian Carter

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Thanks guys!


Had a great productive weekend, got a bunch of little things taken care of, and was able to start assembling the water cooling loop.


Got some of the lighting done, which required some soldering.  I had to cut up the UV  ledstrip and re-attach them so they would lay where I wanted.


For the logo badging on the front, there was only a small area where I could hide the leds so they wouldn't bee seen through the badge, so two strips were laid side-by side and connected via two small wires.


A quick smoke test..


Once I confirmed they worked, I stuck them to the inside of the lightbox, on the wall behind the solid part of the logo. The box was lined with aluminum foil tape, which accomplishes two things:  Reflectivity inside the box, and keeping the light from escaping anywhere else but out through the logo face.


Here's the logo lit up with nice indirect lighting. :)


And here's the finished lettering that will go underneath the lit logo badge..


The logo also makes an appearance inside the inner chamber, on both sides.  I had some 1/8" acrylic cut to cover the floor and up the sides, turning into Adrenal Express half way up.


Now you know why I painted the inside of the box the way I did. 


I got the box lit up with more UV lighting, hidden behind the front edge all the way around.


And finally with the floor in place, I could start installing reservoirs and the rest of the hardware..


This is the last week before voting starts!  It will be close, but I think I can get this thing wrapped up before the deadline.  Wish me luck!

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Well I finished the case over the weekend!  It was close, but I think I made the deadline in time.  Here's a few more progress pics, then I will post final shots.

I wanted to make the inner chamber kind of a modular unit, so for the wiring I added industrial bulk wire plugs that screw into the box at the top.


I actually found a 24-pin plug!  I also grabbed a couple 16-pin plugs to use for the two 8-pin GPU cables and the 12v motherboard cables.


Here are the panel mount ends..




And here are the plug ends that have a collar that screws down to lock it in place.




With that done, I could start working on running the hard line inside the box.


Being consistent with the theme, I went with flexible soft tube to go from the box to the rads.  And I finally got to use my UV anti-kink coils!


For the special front feature, I felt I had to include an emergency box, just in case someone was suddenly beset with a very bad case of the doldrums.

Here is the back side of the box I made from acrylic, painted white on the inside to reflect all the light from the UV ledstrip.


Testing the fit in the front panel.  I made a custom dual syringe for that double-shot fix!




Testing the lighting..




.. and filled with adrenaline..


And finally, the finished box with the necessary messaging..


Final pics coming up next..

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Ok here are the final shots.  I'll be doing a more proper photo shoot later, but I had to get final pics up asap..  So here they are.. Enjoy, and thank you everyone for following my crazy concept to fruition.  :)


Here is the voting link.  Please head over to check out all the excellent builds, and vote for your favorite!






































Thank you Thermaltake for the nomination, it was great to be included amongst all these amazing and talented modders!  Everyone's mod was completely different from each other's, it's a testament to how versatile the Core X9 case really is, and it only reinforces the basic idea behind my theme.  :)


Special thanks to Avexir for providing the memory, Primochill for all the laser cutting and sleeving, Newegg for providing all the great hardware, and of course Thermaltake for pretty much everything else!  Congrats to all for a great competition and best of luck!  Can't wait to see who wins!

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How has this build only gotten 3 votes..Its the top of the class in my opinion


Thanks Ron,  not sure why, maybe people just aren't ready to have their adrenaline express-delivered to their door in such a bold and flamboyant manner.  Perhaps a bit more discretion is needed?  :P


...or maybe all the other cases are just too damned amazing (like yours) for me to compete on the same level!

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