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TF2 Digital Flow/Temp not working correctly


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Hey folks, 

So I just installed my TF2 digital flow meter/water temp in my system. The first thing I noticed is that the flow meter is displaying like 20% of the correct speed. My pump is running around 450-500 l/h however the TF2 is displaying around 80 l/h. I know it's not displaying correct as I've got an analog flow meter in as well and it's flying. I was going to look in TT RGB Plus to see if it was reporting any differently, however the TF2 isn't showing up in TT RGB Plus. I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in, I tried switching controllers, I tried uninstalling the software and reinstalling it, I've tried everything I can think of and there's still no change. Any suggestions you might have would be great. I think this is a really awesome little piece of hardware however the fact that the only thing that works is the temperature reading is a little disappointing. If you've come across this and there's a fix to either issue please let me know. 

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Thank you for supporting Thermaltake.

To read the real-time temp from TF2 in TT RGB Plus, TF2 only works with the controller come with the following 2 products, which has temp sensor built in the controller.

450-500L/H is the SPEC, means once you start running your liquid cooling system, the resistance from all LCS components will reduce the flow rate dramatically, ex, tubing, water blocks, and fittings will produce fluid resistance.



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