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TT Riing plus connectors, and horrible fan control

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I'll start by saying, the fans are super quiet and the RBG is vibrant. But there's a huge problem with these fans and its the TT proprietary connectors and the software control for the fans. The software control for the RBG is great, it has tons of customization and I get it Thermaltake wants it's users to stick with their ecosystem. Well the problem with their ecosystem is this stupid connector and the fact that your are sort of forced to use the controller or a TT sync controller. For me that's not good enough. So being an auto technician and having the ability to diagnose electrical nightmares in cars I went to work figuring out the the fan portion is in fact a standard PWM connector. I'm in the process of dissecting the connector and leaving the RBG portion of the connector attached to the sync controller and will be removing the PWM portion from the connector so I can use my motherboards 7 PWM fan connectors and its built in fan curve adjustments for a more efficient fan curve. Not the crazy surging the the standard Riing controller seems to do all the time. I will add pics to this post when I'm finished this process and let you know how it all works out. ALSO NOTE DOING THIS WILL MOST LIKELY VOID MY WARRANTY. But I'm working towards a solution to a problem that shouldn't exist.

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