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5 Misunderstanding About the Use of Laptop Batteries


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Except the quality of laptop battery will cause a explosion,the improper use of the users themselves are also easy to let the battery have a safety-related incidents.Experts suggested that consumers should avoid the following five situations as far as possible.

Misunderstanding 1:Fill laptop lithium batteries as much as possible when used with.Lithium battery charging and discharging excessively will reduce the activity of the battery.Therefore,in the use of process,do not deliberately charging to 100%,used till automatic shutdown of electricity run out.Generally,when there only 10%,we need start charging, charging about 98 percent can stop the charge,this will not create the harm to the notebook battery.

Misunderstanding 2:As long as power shutdown can also be placed on the bed.So easy to trigger a fire batteries overheating, we should avoid this situations.

Misunderstanding 3: Removing the battery when doesn't use it to avoid over-charging.The problem of over-charging for a well-designed lithium battery is non-existent,because the lithium battery has protection circuit.When the battery control lamp extinguishes explained that has not carried on charges.However, the lithium batteries in the overheated environment, the aging faster.So,if we don't use the battery often,take down it to prevent damage caused by overheating.

Misunderstanding 4:Full of power can draw power continue to use it,to do so,except causing a reduction in battery's life,also uses the alternating current and the battery,will also create machine's overheated,it is easy to damage the other components.

Misunderstanding 5: The battery needs to fill the electricity or to give out the electro-optic to preserve. Notebook lithium batteries require activated regularly,whether it is fully charged or released photoelectric are not correct.Put the battery discharge so long,the battery will lose activity,full charge will bring out security risks.Appropriate way to deal with is the discharge of 30%, 40% preserved.

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