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Only one controller detected TT RGB Plus ?

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I've got 2 set of 3 riing quad with 2 controllers.
Both installed properly. I've tryed the Y cable, separate cable, cable directly on the case etc etc. Everything.
But still in the TT RGB Plus I can only see one controller and control only one of both.
When I unplug the controller that is working, all the setup (colors and fan speed) goes to the other controller.
So the controller is properly installed and it's working. Just a bug from TT RGB Plus.

It's so sad to get that kind of bug when you pay 300$ for fans... 

Any idea ?

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I've had this issue constantly.

Sometimes I've fixed it by unplugging and replugging the controller, sometimes it just fixes itself.

This morning it wasn't detecting my 2nd controller, and after restarting my pc, now it only detects 1 of my 6 fans at all and a warning for controller 1 pops up.

I uninstalled the software and used the TTController instead and it detects all 6 fans so it's 100% this ####Tt RGB Software that's broken, not your setup.

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Exact same case here, i tried so hard to fix that ...

First i used the 1.3.8 software and it crashed everytime i started the .exe
After that i tested the 1.3.9, it started but without fans detected ..
After that, the software started with an error message sayin there is an issue with controller 1 and it close just after that.
After that, dont know how and why but it worked !!!
YES ! it worked with a new error message, 2 errors message to be exact but it worked for 3-4 days
 And now guess what ? 

Now it depend, sometimes it detect 1 controller, sometimes 0 but i never saw the 2 controllers being detected in same time since many days now ...

Sometimes i got 2 of 5 fans on first controller detected, sometimes its only 2 of 4 fans on the second controller ...

This is a big mess and they uploaded the last software few days ago after many month after release the latest version ..

I'm so mad i already spend more than 20 hours on forums, reddit, youtube ...

I'm tired of that, 9 fans, so expensive ...


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I have exactly this problem, Tried to reinstall the crappy software sometimes work sometimes not, wondering if TT team has something to say I'll be returning all my 14 fans if they don't provide a reasonable answer by Christmas. These are one of the most expensive fans out there is not acceptable that TT is not providing quality on their software.


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