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Thermaltake Toughram 4600 overclock/downclock


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First post here.  I’m not one to ask for advice usually but more so just browse through forums.  Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’ve already been through it building this PC.

that said, I looked up my motherboard’s (Asus Maximus xii formula) QVL and decided on 4x8gb rgb tough ram at 4600.  The QVL only says 2x8 is supported even tho with XMP I’m still getting errors posting using 1 channel (1,3).  I’m running a 10900k.

anyone have advice on how I might be able to downclock to 3600 with tighter timings?  Closest I’ve gotten to stable is the 4000 preset for 4x8 Hynix in the preset list in bios.  All attempts done myself have failed terribly.  Both XMP don’t post.  I’m fine with it defaulting to 3200 but sometimes it boots with CL22.   22-22-22-39 (I think it’s 39 not at computer).  I certainly would like to be in the low latency zone here.  Should I bail on the toughram?  Switch to 2x16?(don’t like the way it looks) or is there some reading material you can recommend?

edit: 18-22-22-36 at 3200 MHZ is what it’s defaulting to now which is better.  How can I push this to 3600mhz?

If you’re still here thank you!  Posting specs here since I don’t have a sig yet.



thermaltake distrocase 350P

Asus Maximus XII formula (BIOS 1002 *beta) 

intel 10900k 

nvidia 3090 FE 

Thermaltake 1250w titanium rated power supply

thermaltake toughram 4x8gb rgb 4600 (sets are within 20 in serial number)


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