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thermaltake core p5 + Bykski RGV-TT-P5 distro plate + B-PMD3 pump

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Dear All ,
I am about to finish building my new loop and I do have a (stupid?) question .
The case I am using is a thermaltake core p5 ,  the distro place which is a Bykski RGV-TT-P5 https://www.bykski.us/products/byksk...7c1a8403&_ss=r and the the pump will be built via a ddc B-PMD3 https://www.bykski.us/products/byksk...9a869f93&_ss=r

Now I dont understand flow direction of this distro plate ! Which port on the distro plate will be inlet and which one will be outlet ? 

Could you confirm back to me the flow dirction is like in my drawing attached here ?
The liquid will exit the distro plate via port 1 and then come back via port 2 ? Or is it the way around ???


thanks !

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This should answer your question, I am no expert on water cooling, (been building 25 years and just used my first AIO), but it is the pump that defines flow direction, not the plate.

(1642) Bykski pump and reservoir water cooling combo installation guide - YouTube

The hole on the middle of the pump is IN, the one on the side is OUT, same pump, just with a reservoir fitted.

Therefore arrows on your diagram are reversed, which if you think about it logically makes sense flows out picks up heat from GPU, then CPU and VRM then into rad to be cooled and so on.

Good I read your listing as I learned something today as well (Or at least I think I have) :)  

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