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I was still feeling the wine, and I’m sure that was a big reason I was being so forward with my dad, but the more I thought about what I was going to do, the more turned on I got. I sat up, kissed Dad on the cheek, kicked off my shoes, then climbed over the back of the front seat to the rear seat. As Dad drove up a power line road, I pulled my panties from under my skirt then tossed them to the front, they landed on the dashboard. Dad picked them up, held them to his nose then stopped the car. He turned around to look at me, “Are you sure about this Liv?”

I reached over the seat and took his right hand and pulled on it, a non-verbal invitation to join me. Dad shut off the car, then being too big to clamber over the seats, got out then came to the back with me. We didn’t hesitate. I stretched out across the soccer field-sized seat and he moved around to lie with me. My #### was pressed against the seatback, dad’s hard-on was pressed against the junction of my legs. He thrust against me, I heard myself moan, then daddy and daughter got busy seducing each other. I didn’t have panties on so it took only a short moment before his fingers were stroking my ####, I reached for his pants, unhooked the belt, unbuttoned him then pulled the zipper to its stop. As dad’s fingers toyed with my #### I reached into his briefs and captured the third erection I’d ever touched. Dad stroked me, I stroked him, the smoldering coals in my womb flared to become an inferno I needed him to put out. I grabbed his pants and struggled them to his knees while he pushed my blouse and bra off my ####. Dad suckled my left nipple while I freed him from his briefs. His hard-on was heavier, thicker than Todd’s, longer than Brian’s, and the feel of it pulsing in my fingers drove hot spikes of #### through me, my heart was thudding, my body shaking, I needed it in me. I pulled him from my #### by the hair on his head then made the final shameless offer, “#### me, daddy, right now, don’t wait https://www.freeworn.com/ .”

He went to his knees on the floor of the big car then positioned himself between my legs, he pulled my hips to get me closer to the edge of the seat, then bent to me and put the head of his #### against the lips of my ####. I felt between us, took him in my fist, and put it where I needed him. My father thrust forward and I felt him slip in. I soared on wings of ecstasy when I felt his balls crunch against the entrance to my body. I arched my back and called out “Oh ####, that feels good!” That was the moment I started on a journey of #### and #### I never, ever, thought I would take.

I was sure dad hadn’t had a woman since mom left, so that was a consideration for two things. The first was that we were even doing it, I mean it took almost no encouragement from me to get his attention, he was way overdue. Second, since we were having #### for the first time, he was long on passion, but short on stamina. My dad screwed me maybe seven or eight minutes before he tried to pull out, I grabbed his #### to hold him in place but he resisted, “Liv, let go, I’m gonna ####.”

Dad didn’t know I was on the Pill so I assured him, “It’s okay.” I put a hand on the back of his head and pulled it down so I could kiss his ear, “Do it daddy, inside.” His entire body went stiff, he jammed deep, then I felt his #### pulsing. My #### got hot and started seeping #### past his erection, down the crack of my #### to the seat of the car. I swooned with the feeling of my father ejaculating.

I didn’t have an #### but that didn’t matter, I was content that he emptied his balls. Dad pushed off me, his eyes filled with worry, his hormones were dripping from my ####, no longer controlling his libido; “Jesus girl, what the #### did we just do!?” He sat up and looked at the mess between my legs, “I’m so sorry Liv, I don’t know what the #### got into me,” he was rigid with fear for what we had done.

I got off my back then reached for my father and pulled him into a hug, “It’s okay, you don’t have to worry,” my lips caressed his ear when I said, “I know exactly what got into me.”

He pushed away, “Liv, I ----”

I put two fingers on his lips to shut off the protest, “Dad, it’s okay,” I insisted. I kissed him on the cheek and assured him, “you don’t have to be afraid for me, or us, not at all.” I was still being forward as ####, but I spoke the truth, I was not ashamed that I seduced him.


He leaned back to look into my eyes and saw nothing but the truth, “You can’t know how much I love you girl.”

Not only was I not ashamed, but I was also not done. I had some ####locked up in my body and I needed him to unlock them. I was on a roll, I didn’t want the evening to stop, so I put a hand on his cheek, kissed him lightly on the mouth, and said “Then take me home and show me more how much you love me.”

The ten-minute ride home was quiet, we didn’t talk but I laid on his lap again and toyed with the outline of his #### while he drove. By the time we got to the garage, he was ready for another session with his daughter. I let him lead me to his bedroom where I said, “I’ll be right back” and went to the adjoining bath to clean up and undress. When I stepped into the bedroom again, I was naked, he was seeing my nudity for the first time since I was a toddler. I felt some modesty as he looked me up and down from my feet to my hair, five feet and ten inches from the floor.

I’m pretty sure one reason my mother ended up married to Mr. Logan was her beauty, physical, and internal. I was fortunate enough to inherit many of her attributes, including a body to kill for. I was nude and dad’s expression as he looked me up and down made me appreciate my mother’s genes. He was still in his briefs and shirt so I protested with a smile, “Dad, I’m not going to let you screw me like that, take everything off.” He stripped his shirt and shorts as he gawked at me. I looked at what he revealed, my dad exercises regularly, he is firm and fit even at his age, and his #### stuck out a mile; I thought, ‘If mom left that for another man, Mr. Logan must be a #### ####’. My heart started thudding and I got wetter between the legs thinking about what I was about to do that beautiful display of manhood. I bounced on the bed, rolled to my back, then made a silent offer with spread legs and outstretched arms. Daddy was over me in an instant, he rammed his #### full in then we spent the next half hour wrecking his bed. By the time he came the second time that night, I had a series of little ####until I was #### near crippled with a final climax that made me cramp so hard, I lifted my father off the bed with my hips and begged him to ####. After my father went to sleep, I went to my bed for the rest of the night, I didn’t know how he would react when he woke up sober and I was still with him https://theadultcams.com/ .

The next morning dad made me breakfast. He’d had time to think about what we’d done and was feeling guilty again. I wasn’t, I was still drifting on currents of euphoria but I didn’t tell him that. He expressed deep remorse that he had drunkenly taken advantage of his drunk daughter; I took advantage of his guilt. I managed to steer the guilt trip to my needing an advance on my allowance. Dad fished out his wallet and gave me two twenties. I got the feeling he felt absolved by giving me the cash, but no matter, I was happy with the money. By the time we’d finished our pancakes, we were relating on a father/daughter level again.

When payday came dad gave me my $50 allowance. I looked up at him, “That’s too much, you only owe me ten.”

“No sweetheart, this is right, what I gave you before was because I love you.”

With the revelation that the $40 was above and beyond, I teased impishly, “Don’t you mean, because you loved me?” Dad blushed as he turned away.

We returned to a normal home life. Evidently I had jump-started his #### drive because dad began dating a woman he met online. I was messing around with Todd, Brian, and Irene, separately or together in two, three, or four-person parties. But I couldn’t get the extra money out of my head, how I had gotten it. I earned it with my body, I earned it by #### my father. Over the next few weeks, the idea grew, a seedling taking root and growing on the fertile plains of my mind. Would my father be willing to increase my allowance if I screwed him again? I mean, I #### Todd for love, Brian and Irene for fun, but I wouldn’t mind #### my dad for money (and some fun). The more I thought about it, the more my #### tingled, the more I was determined to approach him for a raise.

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