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When will Thermaltake add new light modes/patterns


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Like the title says, I've owned thermal take fans for years had the riing duo before and then got the riing trio, not much has changed sadly and it's a shame for the premium you pay, let alone the support that takes weeks to reply.

Using Neon maker is not any easy thing, I tested it on a friends PC that has the Riing quads and it was annoying as ####, downloading the pre-made profiles some of them work and some don't.

From what I see thermal take does it's best at marketing and selling, after that it's a stale state.

Easiest example is the default lighting pattern when i power the pc, so smooth and looks great and is available in other brands, once windows boots and ttrgb plus kicks in it changes and you can't use that mode/pattern again.

Wrote about this point in another post and someone from thermal take responded it's a firmware thing...


I hope thermaltake will pick up from the slacking state they're in...

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