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Thermaltake + Chroma Visualizer


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Does anyone here know if Chroma Visualizer works with Thermaltake products, like the RGB fans for example?
I see that Thermaltake products can Sync with Razer Chroma, but I can't figure out if it will work with Chroma Visualizer or not. Have not found any information about this. Thanks!

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Hi there! What do you mean by Chroma Visualizer? A quick search indicates there are a few products like "Chroma Audio Visualizer" and Chroma Keyboard Visualizer"

And FWIW, my TT Riing Quads "sync" with Razer Synapse which has Chroma Studio built in. But when I tell TT RGB Plus (which is controlling my TT fans) to sync with Razer I lose most of the cool tricks available on my fans. I ended up turning off sync and just using the individual programs to get the settings as close as possible. For example, right now I have TT RGB Plus and TT DPS G set to "Party" so that my Quad fans and the Riing Duo in my TT P/S flash according to music or game sounds. Simultaneously I have Razer Chroma Studio set to "Audio Meter" so that the RGB on my pump, water block and reservoir (which are NOT TT products) also flash according to music or game sounds. It works, but it's not as elegant as I was hoping for. ####, I need 2 different pieces of software to control 2 different TT products so I'm not sure what I was really expecting in terms of integration across vendors.  🙂

Not that answer you were working for but I hope it helps! Take care,


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