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Pacific RGB Plus TT Premium Edition - Daisy chained fittings stay red


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there are 6 fittings delivered in this package, but only 3 connection cables to the controller. So the only way this works out, seems to be, to daisy chain every 2 fittings. Which I did.

Unfortunatly the second fitting on each daisy chain, while it does light up, won't change it's color. Weirdly the TT RGB Plus software shows me 5 devices (I would guess there are either 6 or only 3 fittings, not 5).

When I connect each fitting individually to a controller port, I can set the colors, so I think the fittings work fine. Is my controller broken? Did I connect something wrong, or is there some secret button in the software that I missed to hit?


Edit: mainboard is msi meg x570 unify


Any help would be appreciated!

Best regards,


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Each fitting gets 1 wire.

then you connect 1 wire to another fitting wire - then you use 1 of the 3 small wires included to hook up to 2 fittings, this was you should have 3 sets of 2 fittings that will take up

3 spaces in the controller.  Basically it should be 3 sets of 2 fittings (top, bottom) each fitting gets 1 wire, then connects to it's partner's fitting wire, then gets a small wire that goes to the controller. (each wire for the fittings has male and female in order to hook up to the fitting and the partner fitting's wire, then the small wire.

Hope that helps.

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Hi AlexanderFuSheng, 

thank you very much for your elaborate answer. 

That sounds exactly like the way I connected my fittings. Im not sure if there could even be any other way of doing this.

I do have 3 sets of 2 fittings. But only the first one of each set is controllable, while the second stays static in red color. Also I get only 5 devices displayed. 

I don't think it matters, but for sake of completnes: Im on a msi meg x570 unify Mainboard. 

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I've had the 'red on only 1 side' problem also.

the only thing I can say is the wires aren't very sturdy - sucks it has Molex instead of SATA for power.

Sometimes 1 (or all) of the 4 molex pins will push out the top  of the wire instead of all 4 fitting into the female end on the PSU wire, i'd check to make sure all are in

properly. Also, the controller is a bit flimsy, make sure the three  9 pin wires are fully pushed down into the controller - maybe switch up fitting pairs while testing.

I've had the exact problem, I wish I could give a better answer on how to fix it, but best bet is play around with the wires a bit to make sure they have proper connections.

If none of that works, #RMA the parts back to Thermaltake. They are pretty good about replacing broke stuff like the wires. 

Are you using other T.T. products with controllers like fans, pump, waterblock....etc? 

Also make sure the 9 pin double wire is in a decent USB header. All simple things for sure, but they can really be a pain in the #### if every little thing isn't perfect - especially with these specific wires. I really wish they were sturdier.


I'm sure you'll get it with a bit of switching around and checking that the wires are connected okay. otherwise send it back for a new one. They can even send a new one right out and put a hold on your credit card until the broken parts are sent back, then they take the hold off. That worked well for me a few times.

These parts are, unfortunately, a bit brittle. Good luck again!

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  • christo changed the title to Pacific RGB Plus TT Premium Edition - Daisy chained fittings stay red

hey mate, again thanks for your kind response! I'm very glad that you kinda confirmed that it is at least a mechanical issue. I reconnected the usb cable to the controller, as well as the molex and took extra care. But to no avail. I will contact thrustmaster and see how it goes. They state in their FAQ that one has to pay for the sending fees by oneself, thats pretty unfortunate, given that I got the product very recently. Maybe they make an exception *fingersCrossed*. I bought via Amazon, maybe they will help me out somehow.

For the record: apart of this defect, the fittings are indeed very good looking and I had no problems with any leaks. I would still recommend them.

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