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How to understand software development process?

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The best to learn something is to approach YouTube first, it will show you many ways to follow after that. I am a software developer, and I have learned how to draw and play piano from YouTube. These may sound minor to you but the point is if you want to learn something you would have to take a start. 

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Always start with Planning first, focusing the main goals and then the directions to follow those goals. This will make you realize what type of software can help you in achieving your target better. Always access and analyze the current status and then step onto the design and architect of the Software you are going to make.

This will surely help in long run.

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Hello everyone, reading this was extremely beneficial to me, and since it can benefit all of us, I thought I'd share it with you. I spent a long time researching which tablet was the best to use on various forums, and everyone had different opinions until I was told to use besttablet.info. There was a very literate person who clearly explained the benefits of each tablet that met my requirements.

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