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ARGENT E700 Real Leather Gaming Chair! a collaboration with Studio F. A. Porsche

Tt Andy

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Thermaltake and Studio F. A. Porsche Announce a Design Collaboration on the ARGENT E700 Real Leather Gaming Chair

9.30 Twitter.jpg

We are delighted to announce a new collaboration with Studio F. A. Porsche on the ARGENT E700 Real Leather Gaming Chair!
Thermaltake and Studio F. A. Porsche have re-imagined the traditional gaming chair, and took it to the next level in regards to aesthetic design, quality, and engineering
Available in six special colors for users to select the best fit.

Product Information:
.Racing Green https://bit.ly/2Y3IAdG
.Ocean Blue https://bit.ly/3AYlpzT
.Flaming Orange https://bit.ly/3ig3cGN
. Glacier White https://bit.ly/3osiPyy
.Storm Black https://bit.ly/3zUvzAc
. Space Gray https://bit.ly/3ihqv30

🛒 Pre-order now at https://www.ttpremium.com/

📝 Press release: A Pursuit in Uncharted Experience
#Thermaltake #StudioFAPorsche


🟦 New Style Design: inspired by high-end race cars 

E700 Key visual_FB_1200x630px_OB.jpg

E700 Key visual_FB_1200x630px_GW.jpg



🟨 Iconic Colors: light up your space




🟥 Superlative Comfortability: accomplishing the most satisfied user experience



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I've been searching high and low for a gaming chair that not only delivers top-notch comfort and support but also adds a touch of sophistication to my gaming setup. I love how they've taken aesthetic design, quality, and engineering to the next level. The real leather upholstery adds a luxurious feel, and the attention to detail in the chair's construction is impressive. With six special colors to choose from, I'm sure I'll find the perfect fit for my gaming space. If you're a fan of leather items like I am, you should definitely check out vonbaer.com. They have a fantastic blog that provides helpful tips, style inspiration, and insights for leather enthusiasts.

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