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Hello guys! I will be posting previews of all the profiles I did so far for the competition!

This is another profile I did, called "Poison" for obvious reasons :D

I hope you like it, it's the one I have in my system, because it's not really distracting


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I present to you: "State Of Emergency"

Another "showoff" and kinda funny profile, in my opinion. I just had the idea and thought it would be cool.

At first I tried to make the fans make the radioactive sign but that didn't work (at all ####) so I went with this.


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Probably the most difficult one I did, although I know it doesn't look like it, here's "Firestorm" with which I tried to simulate a...well, a firestorm ####.

I know it sounds like the WORST EXCUSE EVER but it does look way better in person.


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Final video is here!

If you like my submission please vote for me so I can win (I wish lol)

You can download the profiles here:



It's been a pleasure to participate in this event alongside such talented modders from all around the Globe! 

I loved bonding with Mike and Eric over us crunching the deadline hehe

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