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Z-Ones switch off

Ian Adams

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Hi all, I'm hoping to get some advice if possible.

Long story inc so please bear with me.

I build a new system back in september 2021 the specs are as follows:

Aorus X570s Pro AX

Ryzen 5600x

32GB Thermaltake Z-Ones (2x 8GB x2)

Aorus 3080 Xtreme WB Edition

Aorus 500GB NVME Gen4 (boot drive)

1TB Corsair NVME Gen4 (programs)

4TB SPinny Disk (games/files)

Barrowch CPU Block

Thermaltake CL 360 Rad

EK Inertia Pump

Barrow Distro Plate, Tubes & Fittings

Thermaltake Quads


Thermaltake Core P5 TG Case

Everything was working great, fans and memory were running led profiles I liked.


I've now upgraded the CPU to a 5900x and now I'm having issues with the Z-One Ram. When I start PC the ram and quads go through the unicorn puke phase, the switch to my desired lighting profiles, after a short while the Z-One lighting starts to switch off 1 stick at a time and wont come back on till I restart system.


I've uninstalled the TT software and reinstalled it

I've Uninstalled TT software, deleted directories, restarted, reinstalled software

I've Uninstalled RGBFusion

I've tried turning led control off for the Z-One's but the RGBFusion doesn't pick the Z-Ones up 

Made sure all drivers are upto date but the Z-One leds still switch off

I'm at a loss and its starting to infuriate me so hoping for words of wisdom you guys if possible


Many thanks

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