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TT iTAKE Engine 1.5.7 won't start.


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After the start, there is a loading animation, but the program itself does not start.
I tried to reset the keyboard settings to the factory settings Fn + Esc and reinstalled the software with the removal of profiles from AppData, the program worked but until the next reboot of the computer. About a month from the date of purchase, everything worked fine. Keybindings and backlighting work as I set them up the last time the program was running.



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2 hours ago, TT Lily said:

Hello @Morphin1o1,

Thank you for your message, could you please uninstall the software then re-install it again?

Kindly let us know if the re-install doesnot work, thank you.

I realized that it does not allow the TT iTAKE Engine program to load. If I select Function Keys>Windows Shortcuts>System Sleep and bind to a key, then after restarting the computer, the program cannot start. I haven't tested other keys yet, but maybe there is a problem there too. To check this, I had to constantly reset the keyboard to factory settings, patch 158 did not help. So far, I have removed this bind, I hope that everything will work.

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