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Core P5


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Hello BilgeRatPDX, here is the spec


1. Radiator: RL480 ->
2. Pump & Reservoir: Pacific PT40-D5 ->http://goo.gl/H87lsh 
3. Tubes: V-Tubler PETG Tube ->http://goo.gl/adpA8T 
4. Fittings: Pacific G1/4 Chrome series -> Official Website-> Cooler -> Liquid Cooling -> Fittings
5. CPU Water Block: Pacific W1 ->http://goo.gl/GToFWz
6. Coolant: Thermaltake Coolant 1000 Blue ->http://goo.gl/AwHWYs 


7. GPU water block: Pacific V-GTX 980Ti 
8. Power Supply: Toughpower DPS G 1250w Platinum

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I just got my Core P5 and am assembling it now with devices and boards from my previous case.  I see that there is talk of having 3D models of custom parts that fit this chassis.  If you're looking for ideas on parts to create I'd like to see a bracket to fit my Blu-Ray drive and another to fit my 3.5" USB SD card reader vertically (mine will be on the wall) perhaps in the area on the right where others might put a liquid cooling radiator.


Thank you much!

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