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Problem with inpunt.inf / ThermalTake Controller and USB input ?

Thierry Kozlowski

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Hello team, 

I m here for find somme way too fix problem with TT controller and input.inf driver 

So for now i use Windows 11 Pro  / MotherBoard Asus X670E Crosshair Xtrem 

i buy Pacific DP100-D5 Plus Distro-Plate with Pump Combo and Pacific PR32-D5 Plus

So i have 2 controller and probleme the same for the 2

On some start info.inf have problem to start 

L'appareil USB\VID_264A&PID_2261\a&36f19871&0&1 a eu un problème de démarrage.

Nom du pilote : input.inf
GUID de classe : {745a17a0-74d3-11d0-b6fe-00a0c90f57da}
Service : HidUsb
Filtres inférieurs : 
Filtres supérieurs : 
Problème : 0x0
État du problème : 0xC00000E5

I try change and fix input.inf but no way 

For now i fix the problem with desactivate and reactivate the device in peripherical Manager ( Somtime 2 or 3 time before work )

On one video , a guy find way test all USB entry and find the usb entry  work....


But what a F***** way too fix that 

I second way is stop too use TT RGB PLUS and use A-RGB controller from ASUS and Aura Sync 
But i have only one cable and impossible too find a second cable for the PR32-D5 plus

I m litlle bit disapointed buy this, especially because you can normaly build a full RGB Ring but with a problem like this really need think twice before ...

I read a com that Thermal Take admit a problem with some controller and need send new one work with Ryzen ??????? 

How can be possible USB generic  controller can be a problem ????

It is look like  probleme like IRQ conflict in the past

Hope answer 

Happy December month , Be Santa generous with you and RGB be with youSoucishub.thumb.jpg.a98d21cc44457721f832a2c89d09b82c.jpg371935529_Soucishubrsolu.thumb.jpg.6d07aedea5d64d096aac7e810cae7509.jpg 










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