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ASUS Sage SE WIFI Motherboard has no RGB headers, or support

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Well it IS a workstation MB, after all... 

However, I have an ASUS ARGB addressable water cooled GPU and would like to see it used (either that or I snip the wires...  Seems a waste)  I also have four TF2s, and would like to send their output to a second screen for easy monitoring  I really don't want to have to pull the case glass all the time just to change the TF2s manually.  Case is a TT 900 tower. 

I am thinking a razer chroma USB style controller for the lone GPU and have already bought the TT Sync controller.  However, I am unsure that the controller will actually work with the Razer unit as there is NO rgb header OR support on the Sage MB.

I am using all Noctua fans, so no bling to worry about there.  Just the temp / flow indicators and the GPU.  Simple, really...  NOT!

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