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Guest Tt Josh

Hey, thermaltake and community, i just bought this challenger keyboard, and i found out that there were a driver for it. I tried to download the driver, there were no problems with the download part, but when i tried to open the driver. It couldnt. It cant open. Is there a sweetheart there can help me?

Hi, once you have completed the installation, please restart your computer and launch the software again.


Please send us a screenshot if you're still having problem with the software.

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Hi Guys, since I'm experiencing a similar issue with my recently purchased Challenger Gaming Keyboard (KB-CHM). The issue occurs when I'm switching between accounts on Windows 10. 


I am able to select switch account and type in the password for the desired account but once I am logged in the keyboard stops to work. To get the keyboard to work again I require a complete restart of windows. 


I have installed the latest driver for this keyboard from your site but to no avail. 


Any suggestions from your end? 

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New keyboard used on Windows 10 Pro 64bit, driver "challengerprimegamingkeyboarddriver_us_ge_fr_ru_po_cz_v3.0"



windows key is not working


I tried already:

- changed to USB 2.0 port

- compatibility with Win7

- compatibility with Win 8.1

- reset to default settings


The only thing that worked was resetting it to factory default, but that worked only twice, now that is not working anymore.


Is it me or is it your beautifully designed keyboard ?! :)

Please advice !




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