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Hello everyone and welcome to my build log. Firstly I would love to start by introducing myself. My Name is Corey Gregory and I go by the modding name 'Imfaceroll Gaming'.


I am 22 years old from Australia. By day I work in the engineering fields of Surveying. My main hobby's are obviously PC Modding as well as Sports and Gaming.


I like to think of myself as being an average Joe trying to achieve his goals. My PC Modding life started 18 months ago with my first pc being a desk pc. Since then I have gone on to build a number of builds for displays at events like PAX. My PC building grew into a passion and having no access to 3D printers, Lathe and CNC machines has really helped me develop skills which have all been self taught with basic hand tools.


'If you do not give it ago you will not achieve' I live by this philosophy, something may look difficult to do but I encourage people to have ago and strive to achieve.


As you can see from the banner I am heading towards the SI-FI side of things and in particular Star Wars. I didn't want to revile too much to begin with so I feel a teaser banner is certainly fitting for this PC. Please feel free to have a guess =)


It is a privilege to work along side these top modders and I thank Thermaltake and all Partners for making this event possible.


I will be video logging Progress here: www.youtube.com/imfacerollpcgaming

and posting photos on Facebook as well as this thread www.facebook.com/imfacerollgaming




Asus ROG Maximus VIII Forumla Motherboard

Intel Core i5 6600K

Asus GeForce GTX 980 Strix x2

Samsung 950 Pro M.2 256gb

Avexir Red Tesla 16gb 2666mhz

Thermaltake Toughpower DPS RGB 1250w

Thermaltake Liquid Cooling





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We just received our first shipment from thermaltake, the two Core P5 Cases that we will be working with.

I got a great opportunity today to look at these cases a little closer and I am very happy with the design.

The case is a very simple sturdy design that I am very excited to work with.


I Plan on using the two Core P5's in a Star Wars themed build and in particular a TIE Fighter Advanced (Hence the name TIE P5 Advanced).


Core P5 Highlights Video: 



Here are a few starter images for everyone to check out.




















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Welcome back everyone and happy easter to all. We just received our power supply for the build, the Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB 1250W Titanium Power Supply and this power supply is quite unique as you can monitor it via an app to view different information about the power supply.


I Hope you all enjoy this small highlights video and images.











More progress shortly as more gear arrives.

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Another quick update for everyone, we received another surprise package in the mail recently containing some Tt eSPORTS  goodies to go with our Star Wars TIE Fighter PC. Check this awesome gear out below.

















I hope you are all enjoying the progress so far, stick around to see our beginning progress shortly.


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Hello my good friends! today we start showing our build and our vision of building a Star Wars TIE Fighter Advanced. I will be using all major features of the core p5 case within this build however each feature may not function as it is intended for ;). Lets get into our first progress.


Its funny but the idea of building a TIE Fighter didn't hit me until my wonderful fiancé wanted to go buy some plants. Hanging there right in front of us was this cool looking plant pot




But what got me was when you remove the material you are left with a quarter of a ball, and it is steel (easy to weld off and a strong base frame for what we need). 






So of course instead of her getting plant pots i ended up getting some instead. however I did offer here the material inside.




I needed the inside of the ball to be hollow obviously so i can fit components inside so it was time for some dremel work to remove a few steel rods 




then I had to clean up the cuts with a file




and then lastly smoothen it all out with the grinding stone




so we are left with 4 quarters looking like this




I hope you are enjoying progress so far, more updates shortly.

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Welcome back guys, today we managed to get some more progress done. Now that we have the 4 plant pot quarters all cleaned up I needed to create a rough base on it using some aluminium to it gives me a surface to work off of when I do some fibre glassing and bog filling.




As a temporary way to attach the aluminium to the ball I just drilled a few holes around the frame and into the metal sheet so I could wrap it around. 




A few nuts and bolts to temporarily keep it in place makes it a lot easier for me to work with.




next step I just used the dremel to take off the excess metal for the next quarter




and here is a few of the sections joined together. As you can see to bend the aluminium I had to cut slots in the metal. These were only rough and don't need to be neat because of the next step we will be doing. 






I hope you guys are enjoying the progress, more updates shortly.

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Welcome back guys, got a bit of progress done to show you all, I managed to find time to start filling in the frame work with some bog, this bog has fibre glass through it so it acts the same way as fibre glass does.




Applies pretty messy but well worth the extra strength that I need in this ball for later on.






Got it applied to the outside as well, so lets get the orbital sander going!






A few higher bits that I went over with the file as well.




I even decided to paint myself and the shed while I was at it.




And the hardest part of it all was trying to sand down that inside. Due to the concave shape of the inside the orbital sander was very difficult to use so we ended up using our delta sander. 




This took ages to complete as I am only showing you one quarter of the ball. So each process was repeated 4 times over. However the end result will certainly be worth it =)


I hope you are all enjoying the progress so far.

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Hey guys, here is another update for you all, I got the ball nice and smooth and I also found some sort of mushroom vent thing that I took apart to use in the build. I am not 100% sure if i will be using it but it is all part of the progress so I will show it to you guys =) I have since used some acrylic and it has worked much better so there is another spot i am thinking of using this part in =).


Just found this for really cheap at the local hardware store, thought it might make a good lip to build the window off of.






Time to shred this vent into what we need. Firstly I had to remove a few rivets holding it together 




next a bit of jigsaw work to remove the bottom half.




After drilling a hole to get the jigsaw blade in, we cut the centre piece out as well




next comes the cleaning up part, a bit of file work




Some use of the grinding stone to remove any rough edges




And lastly the sanding wheel to polish it all off nice and smooth.




As I said before, I will be using this piece somewhere else now but its all apart of the progress so I wanted to show you all =)












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