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Question and an issue regarding Massive SP Notebook Cooler

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I purchased a Massive SP Notebook Cooler from Amazon.com last year and I was curious about something. One end of the included USB cable has two USB connectors, should both of these be plugged into the cooling pad or is only one required?


And the issue mentioned is that for months after I starting using this cooler I've had problems with my touchpad frequently crapping out on me, with either the scrolling function or the entire touchpad quitting and requiring me to restart my notebook (sometimes multiple times) to get it to work again (no problems with external mouses). Even leaving it idle for a few minutes while I went to the bathroom or something would make this happen. I searched umpteen times for a solution to no avail and even posted my problem on the notebook manufacturer's tech forum only to never get a response even to this day. After exhausting all options I was on the verge of buying a new notebook when the other day I decided on a whim that I'd swap the ends of the USB cable. I'd initially had the double-ended side of the cable with both connectors plugged into my notebook and the other end plugged into the cooler. I switched this around, thinking it likely wouldn't do anything since the connectors are the same either way, but surprisingly my touchpad started working without problems almost immediately. What I'm getting at here, can anyone put some reasoning into this for me? Maybe explain to me how plugging in a cable with connectors that are supposed to be universal, one way causes problems and the other way doesn't?


Don't get me wrong, I'm happy with the Massive SP's performance as it cools significantly better than my previous $200+ Lapdesk N700 with about equal quality audio and was significantly cheaper (though I do miss the single USB power cable compared to the Massive SP's separate USB and audio cables), but the touchpad problem explained above tormented me for so long that I'd like a little closure on the matter. Hopefully the people that made the source of the problem can tell me what was going on, because I'm no tech expert regardless of how many times my 74-year-old father comes to me with his computer problems.

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Hi Rick&Roll


Thank you for your support, we are glad you like our product.


The USB cable comes with Massive SP is a power cable, it just draw power from the notebook, it will not connect to the touchpad.




Thank you


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