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6TB Drive Not Accessible in BlacX 5G

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I have a brand new WD Black 6TB SATA drive which is unreadable in my BlacX 5G dock.  The drive shows up fine connected inside the computer case via SATA connections.  But when connected via the BlacX 5G's USB 3.0 connection, Disk Manager says that the disk is "unknown" and "unallocated" and you can't initialize it.  Oddly, I can initialize it, format it, and use it mounted inside the computer via SATA connections. Then, if I remove it from the case and put it into the BlacX dock, it again shows as "unknown" and "unallocated".


By the way, my BlacX dock works just fine with other SATA drives up to 2TB in size.


Any ideas would be GREATLY appreciated.

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Although I have seen some 6TB drives work, the BlacX 5G only supports up to 4TB drives as stated on our website:



I dont think the docking has an issue and you may get different results with other drives, but I cannot guarantee it unfortunately.

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Hi thermaltake community members

unfortunately Synology stopped general software development for DSx09 and older and minimized any support efforts for those.

Then also there is no new official statement about HDDs larger than 4TB beeing supported or not (read: they do no hard drive compatibily tests anymore).   R Programming Training   |  DataStage Training  |  SQL Training  |  SAS Training | Android Training  |  SharePoint Training


On the other hand the DS210+ supports 6TB while beeing almost identical in HW to DS209+. Is bigger than 4TB really a matter of the major DSM version? I doubt since many reports on this forum are about DS207 with 4TB drives while also not officially tested/supported by Synology. My guessin is the file system and partition system (ext4/GPT?) in DSM3.0 and DSM4.2 should be working also for bigger drives like thousands of TB.


Anybody tested a >4TB HDD like WD60EFRX, STBD6000100 or WD50EFRX successfully in a DSx09(+) with DSM4.2.x :?:

Any idea what else to check before buying bigger drives for old disk stations?   

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