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Rafi Rashid

Warranty Policy

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I have two topic 



As per the warranty policy there's 2 years of warranty for Tte Sports mouse, keyboard and headset but UCC ( Sole distributor of Thermaltake products in Bangladesh) denied a 2 years warranty on these products. They will provide only 1 year local warranty and if I want to get 2 then i have to purchase the additional year as international warranty (when asked whether I can purchase it by them, they said they don't know anything regarding it). They didn't even say anything regarding their own version of 1 year warranty policy when I bought the products.


Now my question is am I supposed to get a 2 years of warranty?? if yes then what I can do if UCC denies it on my face??



I have been using Thermaltake Shock 3D 7.1 headset for an year. I am using it on windows 10 64 bit and I always had to use the driver version 1.0.1 cause version 2.0.0 never supported. Whenever I tried version 2 a dialogue box appears right after the installation which says "Can't find any device". now after the latest update of windows 10 the old version is not working anymore. I can't use the surround sound and enhanced bass effect from the driver though the headset is working just fine.

What should I do?? How can I use version 2.0.0  ??


Product serial no: HT-RSO-DIE CBK-13EF002587

I am currently using Thermaltake PSU,Keyboard,Mouse,Mouse pad,Headset,Casing,Fan,Cooler in my rig. looking forward to get equal support from Thermaltake as well.

Thank You          

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