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X Comfort Gaming Chair

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X Comfort




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The X COMFORT Series professional gaming chair comes with an exclusive carbon style faux leather design for those that desire ultimate luxury mixed with streamlined gaming aesthetics and true ergonomic form with maximum function; and in doing so, creates a perfect balance between desired gaming comfort and expected performance during the most intense gaming sessions. With anti-fatigue design and the highest quality of construction materials, the chair offers maximum customisation to suit both your gaming and comfort needs.



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I have the X Comfort Air and holy crap my back is sore without the lumbar thing, however with the lumber cushion that mind you is enormous curves my back like I'm a reversed Quasimodo. This is the only complaint i have about this chair, however is there a way to get a smaller Lumbar cushion thing? $600 chair and I have a sore lower back after about 4 weeks. I had a $149 "Gaming Chair" from the local furniture shop and i NEVER got a sore back after 3 years with that chair. How can a $600 chair be this poorly designed? Is the GT Comfort and different? I've never had lower back pain in my entire life. 

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