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Smart Pro RGB Bronze Owners Club


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Greeting to all Smart Pro RGB owners:


Welcome to the Smart Pro RGB Bronze Owners Club. 

Once again you have made the right decision...and we thank you for that.

Smart Pro RGB Bronze series is our first fully modular bronze power supply alone with the best features and most affordable price ever. 


Welcome to share your builts and ask questions here, we are looking forward to see all amazing works around the world.


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I need help with my Thermaltake RGB 800W 80+ Bronze PSU. for some reason my computer is not powering on at all. I am trying to check if my power supply is working with paper clip, however my PSU has all Balck wires and I am not sure how to test it now. I need help here !



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you can short the PS-ON(green wire) and ground (black wire) with paper clip to check if the power supply operates normally.

please make sure the power is not connected to any other devices when turning on the power.

here is the ATX 24 pinout for your reference:

「24 pinout」的圖片搜尋結果

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Okay, I have been trying for a week now to find a contact at Thermaltake (USA branch) to request a replacement cable for a Thermaltake Smart ProRGB 750 W Power Supply. I need the connector for the CPU plug on the motherboard with the (4+4) pins on one end and 8 pins on the other. I am in the USA. Everytime I send an email to the only contact I found(cs3@thermaltake.com.tw) for Thermaltake I get a response saying my email had been forwarded to the USA branch! It has been 5 days now and no response from anyone. I would like to think my decision to go with thermaltake all these years was the right one. But I am beginning to think otherwise!! The reason I purchased the MODULAR power supply was so that I could replace cables. Otherwise, whats the point in buying a MODULAR power supply. If someone has a contact for USA support I would much appreciate it. Thanks!

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 It works wonderfully. Being modular was wonderful and it being SLI/CrossFire ready meant the cables for the GPU have two 6+2s on the same wire, saving you time and space, downside if you are not using those, you have a lot of extra wire hanging about.

Comes with exactly what you need and nothing more.
Also has a nice bag to store what you don't need/not using at the time, so you don't just lose everything, can put other not used screws and zipties in there as well!

Yours, Cyberflix app

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