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A71 Chaser Power LED turns off after login


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Hey guys, I've got a A71 Chaser case and I only recently noticed that just seconds after i log into windows the blue power led turns off.

I don't think this was happening until recently. i rarely power cycle the pc so i cant be sure when it actually started.

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced anything like this?

The power LED is on and working if you reboot and don't log in. once i log in, the led turns off.

the HDD led is fine too. I checked the connections to the mobo and all seems right.

i went as far as updating my bios for my Z170A Gaming M7 mobo. its now at version 1.H0

i couldn't find any windows settings regarding how the power led works.



any help is appreciated.

thanks guys!

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Welcome to the forum, 


case manufacturer don't have the control over the power led, it is just a light to help the MB on passing our their signal (where you plug the wires on the case onto the motherboard), so my suggestion is to consult MSI for the definition of the power indication on the Z170A Gaming M7 to help you understand on how the power led works

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