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Question about the new Core P5.


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Before my purchase, I'd need to have two answers that aren't indicated in the user manual:

- Is it possible to have 2 radiators for 2*120mm fans ? The radiators dimensions aren't exactly 240mm since there is the inlet and outlet. What's the real capacity of the radiators fixation ?


- I'd need the height between the case and the plastic glass. I have a pump/res combo, and I need to have this measure to check if my combo can fit if I set it vertically (I want to use the case horizontally).



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Welcome to the Tt Community!


The spacing is very limited to add (2) 240mm rads, but it depends on the design of how the tank (Top section) is laid out.


I personally have not tried dual rads in a Core P5


When you mention capacity, you really have no issue with thickness of the radiator, there is tons of space to add a high capacity rad in here.


For spacing, here is some images to help:







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Thank you very much for the last answer. It helped me and I'm sure others. Now I know in the specs it says you can't have a Quad140MM, do you think I can still squeeze one? Even if it means re-drilling on the left? Will I lose my reservoir mount or be in the way of the hard drive bracket? My quad specs are: 614 x 142 x 60 mm

thanks man

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