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Project: Black Beauty


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Welcome to my latest project (Juggling 4 projects at the same time is fun) 


This build is inspired by the car from the green hornet movie.





Firstly i'd like to thank my sponsors






System specs

MB - undecided

i7 6700k

GPU - Undecided 

Avexir Blitz 1.1 DDR4 Green/Black

be quiet! Straight power 10

be quiet! Silent base 800

be quiet! Dark Rock 3

Thermaltake Riing12 and Riing14 fans (green)


What the case could look like when finished



SO. the first thing i done was change the orange on this



To a nice green



Removed the front panel



Here's some snaps of the fans sent over from the good guys down at the box.co.uk




Currently awaiting more parts to arrive for this project. 

will keep updating as i go.

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currently drilling out the rivets in the drive bay.
removing the base of the case to make it smaller was super easy, just 4 screws.

need to wait until morning to cut out the rest of the bay, dremel makes too much noise. 

EDIT: Cutting discs didn't arrive, don't you hate it when you have to postpone a project. 

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