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RGB Riing PLUS Fans


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Hello forum.  First time poster.


Just purchased the Riing plus three pack of fans.  First impression:  These are gorgeous fans.  Wow.... is all I can say.  Still playing around with them, but so far very impressed.  


The controller and software seem to have a few bugs.  One issue I have noticed is I get a Controller Warning each time I make any change to the fan configuration and save it.  The configuration changes are saved, but a warning message pops up (image below).  The warning also pops up when I load the software.  I left the controller jumpers on default since I only have one.


I've also run into problems with my Corsair software since I installed the Riing Plus software.  The Corsair software (RGB for keyboard and mouse) does not operate anymore.  Not sure what the issue is but thought I'd check here to see.  Will continue to monitor and update.  Thanks.





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13 hours ago, meskline said:

Hello people! I wanted to consult you because I have the same problem. I have 4 coolers connected but I do not know how to disable the 5 cooler so I do not throw the warning message. Sorry for the ignorance and thanks of anteamano. regards

Open the software and go to inexist fan

Click this symbol above to disable


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