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Thermaltake 730w Smart Series stopped working


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Alright so the only reason im making this post is to just show out a little bit of an outrage that this power supply has caused. It stopped working after 3 years of usage right about a month or two after the warranty has worn off. Too make the case even worse it managed to take out my graphics card R9 280X 3GB with it so right now im in a bit of a pickle.


First off all let me say i havent overclocked anything on my PC i havent messed with the power supply or anything else in BIOS cause im not someone that likes to thinker around that stuff, particularly so stuff like this wouldnt happen but apparently it can happen even if u dont do anything.


If anyone tells me that a 100 euros power supply is okay to last 3 years i can only counter argument that with a statement that right now im on my older PC on wich the power supply costed less then double what i paid for this one and is still working 10 years later.


Anyway that would be all, im not a PC hardware pro guy but just have that in mind if your considering this one. Sorry if i my English was bad in some sentances.

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