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Level 10 M mouse hot key buttons laggy

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Hi there,

I have a Level 10 M mouse. I have an issue were when I press the side buttons, they all take too long to activate and or lag. the left side is assigned to keys 1 and 2 and the right are 6 and `.

They are all very slow and or do not register when pressed.

I have the exact same macro set up f or 2 years now and never had an issue until one day I decided to play games and realized they are all not functioning properly.

I have all the macros on ignore delay timer.

What could the problem be and why have all the buttons stopped working properly at the same time?

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So I updated everything restarted computer and no the right side works however the left side buttons A and B which are assigned to button 1 and 2 are still having issues. Could it be because it is worn out ? I did use them all a lot but then again..the left side was not working properly either...

Is there anything I can do if it is worn out like take it apart and do something ?


Also when I updated the software to version 1.3, it still says the version is 1.00 on the program..?

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