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Controller for Ring TT Premium doesn't work as excepted

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I installed two packs of "Riing RGB Radiator Fan TT Premium Edition". (3x 14", 3x 12", 2 controller).

Software is the actual version V2.1.0 from 2016-12-07. OS is Windows 10

My problems:

- if I set PWD mode and also FAN MODE to silent, the RPMs of all 6 fans are flapping from about 400 to 900 RPM in idle mode.

- if I reboot my system and I have an active profile without PWM mode, but FAN MODE at state silent (0%), the fans don't go to 400 PRM, stay rotate with about 900 RPM... if I switch to a profile with PWM the fans slow down and if I switch back to non the PWM profiler the fans work as excepted, but after reboot same behavior as before.

New install of the software doesn't work, also a new windows 10 has no effect..

Please help.

KR Torsten


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