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Why flocculus rosewood is like this is precious

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      Red sandalwood   http://www.iebeads.com/bracelets-c-1/108-lobular-red-sandalwood-bracelets-bracelet-beads-gentian-meat-full-scale-pattern-of-venus-p-164.html  is one of the rarest wood on the world, the flocculus rosewood that India produces is the high-quality goods in red sandalwood, normally
also abbreviation " red sandalwood " (the following place is narrated " red sandalwood " for flocculus wingceltis) . 2. The growth of flocculus rosewood rate is
very slow, just grow circuit annual ring 78 years, just grow 100 every years thick 3 centimeters, it is consummate chiliad ability 889 years to blossom material.
3. Saying 10 Tan Jiu sky, diameter of the biggest red sandalwood wood is 20 centimeter left and right sides only, if diameter 30 centimeters and not empty, had
been highest grade, its are precious degree cans be imagined. 4.17 to 19 centuries between, red sandalwood furniture makes in unusual degree of China its are only
royal have. The value of red sandalwood wood with better today look of market top grade is every tons about 2, 3 million yuan. 5. Red sandalwood be about to true
dried up. In period of bright Qing Dynasty, be carried as a result of traffic and perambulate technology is primitive, add virgin forest beast to appear and
disappear, serpent is fascicular let cowardly of fell trees worker and go no further, make a few rosewood that grow in the depth of virgin forest do not have by
discovery survival to come down. But all these already was changed 20 years right-down in the past. To find the rosewood that is concealed in the depth of forest,
today's people uses professional and cross-country tool to employ high-definition satellite picture to analyse a technology even, get on the world in short time
almost all red sandalwood wood fell trees dangers. What measure as number is exiguous with each passing day, the price of lumber of on lumber market one ton of
rosewood also rises to today from several original yuan millions of yuan. Red sandalwood wood is in all sorts of hardwood quality of a material most firm and
weight is the heaviest, solemn and quiet heavy ancient, other lumber can not is likened to. Main koel, need hundreds years to just can have. Its woodiness firm
claret of heavy soft embellish, colour and lustre, it is bright Qing Dynasty the palace of two generation uses wood, having " Mu Zhongzhi emperor " say, flocculus
rosewood is the high-quality goods in rare hardwood. Carve of flocculus rosewood essence is heavy implement be royal for use of an emperor more article, in
ancient time be the identity and position is indicative. Once the development of maritime traffic and Zheng He issue West 7 times, communicated the commerce with
southern Asia each country and culture communication. Each country is in in interacting with nonsked commerce regularly with China, also have a certain quantity
of rare wood constantly, included red sandalwood wood among them. Have historical data account, clear generation ever also sent a person to had collected red
sandalwood wood to southern Asia. The admirable wood #### with peculiar rosewood reachs rare level, let its suffer fully royal cherish, the relative of emperor
close country of quiet day, noble that amount to an official is treasured particularly, flocculus rosewood furniture also is palace furniture more. Contemporary
red sandalwood work because lumber increasingly precious is rare, the price also year after year rises. Flocculus rosewood so ####-given, because it grows,be
really very slow, just often can grow a inch a few years, its timber diameter 20 centimeters of above person rare. The good material that regards annatto as
furniture is qualitative, flocculus rosewood makes the rare thing in annatto furniture, by the furniture nature that its make social status is not poored. Besides
itself rare besides, flocculus rosewood still has value of quite high officinal health care, it can send out a fitful is light aroma, because red sandalwood wants
to go up,chiliad just can become a useful person, it is the elite of market day month, the beautiful of filling balance yin and yang is tasted. In " detailed
outline of a book on Chinese medicine " in have account, red sandalwood has a garrison post heart, calm the nerves, easy muscle invigorate the circulation of
blood, diminish inflammation is acetanilide wait for a lot of effect. 

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