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Taxed out Thermaltake core wp200 water cooled quad loop


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hmm so im updating my post. instead of me complaining on how mush it costs im just going to post on the build.


Pc 1 gaming:

cpu: skylake 1151 i5 6600k (in case i want to over clock)

Gpu: msi gtx 780 lighting

mb: Gigabyte z170-hd3-cf (in case i want to over clock)

Psu: old xfx 850

ssd: Mushkin MKNSSDE3480GB Eco3 480 Gb

ram: Corsair ddr4 -2132 dominate platinum 16gb (just in case later fined out 8gb is good enuff)


Pc 2: surfing the net, Netflix, music

Cpu: i7 920 1366 2.66

Gpu: gtx 760/780

mb: asus rampage 2 extreme

Psu: non i sold my other one....(stupid me):(

Hdd: Wd velociRaptor 150 gb

ram: 6gb gskill ram ( update only 4 gig out of 6 work 1 slot broken on mb... )




Have to sell the two dark base pro cases



My pc right now





so first off why the #### not to polish the back? real high quality my ####.O.o

second i was going to add an 5mm led stopper on the back...but its g1/8 threaded.... and i did spend $20 for 4x plugs that i cant use.

if i do what to use em ied have to get an g1/8 to g1/4 thread adapter and spend even more money (taxe, shipping, border fees, #### fees...):|








never mind trying to find the rare as balls g1/8 led stop they advertise with... (edit i found them and got 4 of them but don't have the g1/8 to g1/4)


and how do i empty it? if i want to do it with an tube ied first have to buy the 4x adapter then buy another 4x $15 valve's and most like need a male to male thread adapter on the valve .... on and on and on


and it may be cool but how do you mount it is another problem.







i guess this is the best way for now. ill just have to mount one pump on the 2 hole plate and put the psu in the pedestal?  would need psu extetions too. but then ied have to mount the rads in the case. it would be a shame to cover up the nice rads thow... im trying to make it so i can just open an valve and have all or most of the water flow out.


would mounting the rads in the case make this a problem? i do no that the drain port has to be at the lows point and all the liquid would need a way to flow downward. any tips would be nice plz and thx



Edited July 13 by thrasher_565


any way trying to find out how to lay it out








Making an much need cut.



Geting rid of that stupid bar that block's your HDD rods.



This ones on the pedestal.





Drill out the rivets




Drilled 120mm holes for rad. 8 out of the 12 screws should be ok...






G1/4 5mm led stopper with rgb led




G1/8 5mm led stopper with rgb led





Gtx 780 msi lighting with ek waterblock probly going to sell it and get a 1070






Rads mounted in the case




Be quiet shadow wings sw1 says 300,000 hours about 23 years or 6 year warranty Weill see...




4X 4pin to 3 pin pwm (converts 3 pin fans in to pwm)


2X 10 fan hub uses pwm and rpm form mb and molex for power




20 led power molex dont no if i will use it and i would need 3 more...




g1/4 pump (think you can use it to suck water out and get it flowing?

g1/4 funnel

4X g1/4 ball vale

g1/4 long panel mount

g1/4 t




1/2 male to male t y 90






should be all the fittings i need....








4X g1/8 5mm led stops

10X g1/4 5mm led stop

22 gadge wire

5mm orange led

5mm rgb led

orange barb orings

orange dust caps

ganaric 4 pin (should work thow)

5X g/14 tip prob stoppers

pci digital out (might mod it to work with my mb since it did not come with one but dose support it )




fans mounted to the rad what fun that was....not. because of there stupid gray rubber around the fan you can put then agents each other so i had to use nuts to off set it...








the 120mm shrouds have 4x 5mm led holes i might attempt to put rgb leds in but i sux a soldering. i have an idea to use a ribbing cables  like ide cables



other mods i was thinking of are a volt meter and an rpm meter but dont no how i would do it. was think of a togle swiich to select what part i want to read out so having 1 volt meter and 1 rpm meter for everything. i did order a black 2 slot pci from mouton mods  but have not got it yet. want to do a vertical gpu. other mods was to make my own dust cover out of plexy glass and use standoff to mount it. then use thermaltakes 16x pcie extension and a 16x 90 riser but that's a lot of money haha weill see. 




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