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Flickering LED's on Riing Premium Plus fans!


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Just wondering if anyone has had this issue before, wheres individual LED's on the fans flicker off/on under certain colours (mainly white and blue) and randomly you'll get one of the LED's turn Green and back to the correct colour ?!?

I've attached a video of the issue, Seems to be 2 out of the 3 fans, tried shifting them around different ports in the controller, switched between the 2 connections on the cable.
Unsure if its the controller or the fans them selves...

Cheers all


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Check the wires and see if anything is "pinched" maybe? If the one fan (Middle) does not do this in any ports, then I would say something is up with the 2 other fans, not the controller.

Make sure the wires are not bring pulled, especially right off the fan frame area and the wires are not twisted.

All looks good, suggest to swap the fans, contact our support for RMA or work with your place of purchase.


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The LEDs have failed on my aio pump.  I had good results with TT products in the past, but will likely use other brands in the future.  I have even called in and left messages with the tech support line and never get a reply.  A bit sad considering my first PC build was all TT cooling and so is my new rig.  Even got a TT power supply in the new one.  All the fans are the Riing ARGB.  I have 3 120s (on my aio) and 5 140s in my build.

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