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View 71 io

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Just bought a new view 71 rgb from micro center and the front power button does not lite up

I hate to nit pick but i would like to see this working 

Is there a part i can order on TT website or can they send me a new one.

i would  hate to rip apart the whole build to take back to micro center just because of that

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Hello mate,


I don't think you'll get an answer.

I got a brand new View 71 TG case last month and, during system assembly, I discovered that TT's employee that build up that chassis didn't have the basic screws KB and install two wrong screws to hold the HDD's cage.

I got several cases in the past, from 30$ to 140$ of several others Brands (no issues with those), this was my first TT, more expensive than any other else I got.

So, you know TT and you suppose to get the best quality and support. You're wrong!

I succesful remove those two screws, one with the sky help and the other one with the drill, I wrote to TT support to report all of this trouble and no one answer to me.

They don't take care about customers as soon as they got their money

This is my first TT product and it'll be the last one




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Kind of a bummer but with anything made in China, youre bound to expect this to happen from time to time.


I really like the View 71 TG/RGB I just did a built with.  Thankfully it didnt come with any hard to remove screws!!

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