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NEW TR2 600W has no 4x4 plug

Tom Horn

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Hi Tom

I am not sure I understand your question correctly, so please bear with me.

I just checked all the TR2 series, and they are all non modular power supply. 

So, your 4x4 for CPU connector should already mounted to your power supply.

Therefore, if the 4x4 CPU connector is missing, you should return it and get a new one.

If this is not what you meant, a picture to help us to understand would be greatly appreciated.

Here is all the customer email address in case you need it:


Customer Service: 

USA/Canada/South America:


Australia/ New Zealand


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Yes it is supposed to come with a 4x4 connector it even says so on the box. I need it to power up my mother board. All I need is a 12 volt a 5 volt and 2 grounds. I have a molex to 4x4 adapter is there and reason I can't use it? When I called Thermaltake Friday the guy said contact their support and they would send adapter he did not say what kind. He sounded , well I could barely understand him . But anyway NO REPLY from Thermaltake. The last 600 watt TR2 I bought I got off ebay. A power outage got it. I live in the country we get a lot of them and I have the best backup you can get. I think.

If I ever get this one working I won't buy another one and I don't wanna drive 100 miles to a facility for returning. I just want the dog one thing to work. Thermaltake ain't what they used to be. Apologies if I offend.

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